Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Richard Blais’ Speaking-from-Experience Reaction: “Sometimes, the Best Team Doesn’t Win the Game”

From his Bravo blog:

"Padma says it best when describing Stefan’s food. He exhibits an elegant classicism. The guy's very talented. The pigeon was the best thing I tasted that night. Sometimes, the best team doesn’t win the game."


Anonymous said...


Top Chef.


What a bunch of Crap.

I am done with the show now. I think I will watch the "Oil Changing Channel" instead.

Hosea - if you tune into the blogs:

- I used to like you, until I got see your true personality.

- You are a Jerk.

Anonymous said...

Even in Blais' case, the disparity wasn't this huge. Hosea is a hot mess, and his having been on the same season as the chef who utterly dominated the entire competition makes the outcome all the more silly.

Anonymous said...

Richard doesn't seem to be hurting any post-TC. I doubt Stefan will either. I wonder who will be the first guest on Fabio's new show... Hosea? No-way-a!

Lisa said...

I agree. Hosea winning is nauseating.

I'm sure Leah's happy now. I hope she blows right through his 100 grand.

Good seeing Blaise again - and even Marcel. They both performed like very good sous chefs. I wish Casey hadn't been so dominant with Carla though. I'm sure Carla wishes she followed her own instints too.

KristineB said...

Then read Stephanie's blog. Her last line is "Guess the best team always pulls it out in the end." Zing! But not this time. "Lisa" won this time.

Chris said...

Well, we now have our second-worst "Top Chef" ever.

With a season so bereft of talent (as much as I like Carla and thought Stephan should have won overall, both of them wouldn't have made the top 3 in previous seasons), is it any surprise that Hurgh!-sea won the thing?

Captain Obvious said...

Casey screws it up yet again....

but Carla should have NEVER listened to her.

Augusta -now in mourning for this ruined season- said...

Out of the three finalists Hosea had the least amount of wins.

What shit.