Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Previews: Amuse-Biatch on the Reunion Show, Padma Lakshmi on the Bear Vote, and the Birthday PYKAG Curse


Chris said...

Holy crap! Fabio sabotaged Stephan!

I mean, seriously -- doesn't Stephan know to NEVER let an Italian kiss you? Didn't he ever see the Godfather?

It was the kiss of death. The reason that Hurghsea won is because Fabio didn't like him enough to kiss him.

It all makes sense now.

Anonymous said...

The chefs this season were overall a delightful group. Maybe they were not the most talented collectively, but they were positive, supportive, and funny.

There were a few things, however, that really disturbed me about the Reunion Show. These were clearly the fault of Producer Raggady Andy and whoever else is running the torture machine there at Bravo:

1. The obsession with the sex lives or attractions of others. I am still angry with Colicchio for his terrible bias against Stefan; and for his inconsistent judging. But, come on folks. Enough. Stop. Cut it out. We don’t need any more “Gay Bear Lust” sticky magazines on parade about the guy. He is married………to a woman. Get over it. Further, Raggady Andy was way out of line trying to get Colicchio to admit in a Bravo promo who he lusted after more, Padma or Gail. Pleeeze. It was painful, and a crummy reflection on this adolescent running the show over there. We have someone obsessed with sex, and it seems to be a Andy.

2. When the box screen in the lower left corner showed Leah as she had to watch herself cry on camera confessing her regret and discussing her boyfriend, you could just see the hurt and pain in her face. She quickly masked it, but it was terrible. For the camera to then pan to a smug guy in a pink shirt smirking (Andy) was just salt for the wound.

3. The piling on of Jeff in the intercessional was not necessary. He cooked his heart out, and “stepped up his game.” (Gee, who asked them time and again to do that?). Jeff was one of the hardest working chefs in the show’s history, and they punished him for it.

They tried to rib Stefan, but he just shot it back in their face. Good for him.