Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rachael Ray Wedding Album: Is That a Spitcurl Over His Eye?


Ms. Place said...

Oh, dahlings, she's like a hydra headed monster with heads sprouting everywhere. I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take seeing this, this ...thing anymore! Puhlease make it go away.


Ah, I feel better.

potty mouth princess said...

Ah Ms. Place, we cross paths again. (BPR, Gayboys, etc.) :-)

I wish we could offer the Retched One up in a Hair Harpy Match against the formidible Barbara Stanwyck.

Hell, Babs would take out that pussy whipped excuse of a husband while she was at it, and enjoy doing it.

I'd pay to see it happen. But I'm evil like that. teehee

Ms. Place said...

Dahling, Babs would crush her under her 6" stiletto heel without ever having noticed her. She's less than a speck in Stanwyk's immaculate universe.

Yes, Miss Potty Mouth Princess, I have noticed your comments as well - we seem to travel in the same rarified ether. Aren't Charlus and Miss XaXa simply divine? I do so love this blog.

Anonymous said...

You snide losers.
You wish you had the energy and success that she has. Didn't you learn in Psych 101 or from Dear Abby, at least, that you're tearing her down so you can forget about your own failure and self-hate?

Ms. Place said...

...that you're tearing her down so you can forget about your own failure and self-hate?

Methinks you're missing the point of our conversation. This sport is all in good fun, don't you know. My bro is in love with Ms. Rachael.

So just get off your Hyde Park Corner soap box and find a cause to rave about -like Darfur. Now that's where I get real serious and angry and actually mean what I say, claws out and all burners working overtime.