Friday, January 12, 2007

Elia Aboumrad: Boys Do Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

And we don't mean just Ilan "Goldilocks" Hall. (Which, since we're feeling a little scatter-brained this morning, makes us ask: When two people who wear glasses kiss, do they clink glasses, as if making a toast?)

Google Perv, who comes to Amuse-Biatch de temps en temps after Googling "Elia Aboumrad Bikini Shot," is not the only one to have a yen for her yin. And who can blame him or her?

The bitch has better skin than Shiloh Pitt-Jolie. (Or is it Jolie-Pitt, as for Zahara and Maddox? Goodness knows we're not Doctor Spock, but it seems to us that raising a girl surnamed Jolie-Pitt is asking for a teenage slut in a decade or so; you might as well make "Plan B" her middle name. As the Spanish proverb might put it, "Cría curvas, y te sacarán los ojos, pero de sus órbitas.") As we have seen from her yoga workouts, she is quite, quite flexible. Leaving aside all the G.I. Jane/V for Vendetta talk floating around about the rest of the season, we also admire her springy, Salome-temptress curls.

And then there's the accent. As Padma Lakshmi herself says, "Sometimes I ask her questions just to hear her talk." We can well imagine some perv in the linguistics department of a state university being aroused by the idea of hearing her say, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," or mulling the fantasy of feeding her not cherries and chocolate, but tongue twisters ("Peetair Pipair peeked a peck oaf peekold peppairs...").

But it was only while watching this week's episode again that we discovered what we find sexiest about Elia. The beginning of the show finds her lying in bed, sporting a pinkish tank top, and sighing attractively. However, it wasn't her heaving bosom that caught our eye. No, it was the fact that she was reading a book.

We admit that we have a thing for people with brains. (The dirtiest, sexiest, most titillating thing a boy has ever said to us? "Hold on a second, I've got the OED right here.")

Our curiosity was whetted (no need to double-check the spelling there). What was that red book so enticingly open in her hands? Was it the Michelin guide? Does she read le guide rouge because it is more pornographic than any bodice-ripper, just as we do? Is that why she was sighing, and not because Betty "Spice Rack" Fraser was gone?

So, possums, if any of you has a screencap of Elia in bed reading, send it in. If you are able to identify the book she was reading, let us know. And most importantly, what is that stuffed animal keeping her company in her tank-topped reverie? Though we were faithful watchers of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, we were unable to identify it. Was it a donkey (maybe even the donkey from Shrek)? Was it a platypus? Inquiring, dirty minds want to know.


lindseyQuinn said...

When two people who wear glasses kiss, do they clink glasses, as if making a toast?

Yes, we do. It's hot.

Virginia said...

Here is a screenshot of Elia reading in bed. She has a stuffed heepo with her. The title of the book is never shown, she is dressed in 2 seconds.

merpearl said...

Everyone must see this. Hilarious. There's another shot of the book here, too, but I'm too lazy to figure it out.