Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Bounty of Sweetness and Light! More Positive and Truthful Comments About the Cheftestants from a Recovering Amuse-Biatch

Uh, give us a minute, possums; we'll think of something. We're thinking, we're thinking. Ah yes, Michael Midgley has great skin! Um, and navy's a good color for him. And he apparently believes in hydrating at the beach, which is so important. And is that Mugu Rock in the background?

Um, let's see. Sam "Samuel! Samuel!" Talbot is...tall, yes, he's tall. And he has a solid English surname. And he's from a beautiful state, North Carolina. And his knives are sharp. And he likes dogs. And he likes sepia tones. And he likes Air Supply, as he appears to have chosen "All Out of Love" as the theme song for his MySpace page. Let's see, anything else? No? Alright, then, that should do it.


Anonymous said...

Please give Elia the sweetness and light treatment next. Love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Think it would be nice if you posted some encouraging words for fellow rehab patient, Brittney Spears.

While rapid weight gain, panty-free debauchery and alchoholism aren't as hard to quit as homophobia...

It would still be a sweet gesture.