Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ilan Hall: Watch What Happens

That, possums, is a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce small pure white quartz movement with date. Case in steel set with 46 Top Wesselton diamonds - approx. 0.58 carat. Tropical composite strap available in pure white. Water resistant to 60m.


Anonymous said...

He needs a better self tanner to go with all the white accessories he favors. He's not exactly orange, but he has a flat matte look to him. His features don't pop.

Anonymous said...

White trash wins lotto!

Anonymous said...

Did you know this was a LADIES watch and does NOT come in a mans version?

Anonymous said...

The "tropical composite" is rubber and the watch is indeed a ladies watch, as it is listed on the Patek Phillipe website:

kbryna said...

way to kick start your culinary career! and dude - it's only $100,000 - you just bkew one-tenth of it on a girl watch!


or maybe he was just borrowing it from his girlfriend????

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm about to say something in the defense of Ilan, but buying and wearing a 'ladies' watch isn't the same as wearing a bra or something meant for the female anatomy. A watch is a watch is a watch. I think he liked this color best and this style isn't available in white in the men's version, from what I've seen on the website.

That said, Ilan does seem to be going out of his way to dress in ways that scream 'I'm not your typical masculine type.'

I can't understand why someone who is not rich (and $100,000 after taxes isn't), would spend that kind of money on a wristwatch. It's insane.

Hey, Tom C., you sure picked the guy who was more ready to kickstart his culinary career--hehe.

Anonymous said...

ugh! nouveau riche!

here today, gone tomorrow, 100K ain't much brotha. You should put some of that cash away for a tranny, er, I mean, rainy day!

Lisa said...

Oh, girls, get your panties out of a twist-- the boy bought a fake down at Coco Canal. It ain't a real Patek.