Friday, February 02, 2007

Radio "Liar"?: Selfless Sam Throws Pity Party, Demonstrates Sea Beans Give You Gas

Reader N.R. sent us this link to a lovely radio interview with Sam "I Am (Not That Guy)" Talbot, the charming, mature, and-oh-so-goodlooking-we-just-wet-our-panties-over-his-stubble-and-his-struggle-to-overcome-diabetes-and-sebaceous-hair-and-self-regard cheftestant on this season of Top Chef. Have a listen as Sam tells you the! truth! about! sea beans!, and reluctantly exposes the heartwarming fact that though his veins may be insulin-deficient, they nonetheless overflow with the milk of human kindness, charity and love, inasmuch as he wanted to function as Marcel Vigneron's sous-chef during the finale because he felt sorry for Marcel, and because Marcel, unskilled chump that he is, had real need of Sam's skills (pursed lips and interview-room sneering being essential to a five-course tasting meal), whereas Ilan would be just fine on his own.

Make yourself a cup of cocoa, put on your bunny slippers, clasp your Tickle Me Elmo to your palpitating poitrine, and prepare to sigh and swoon as iridescent soap bubbles of Karen Carpenter-scored sweetness pour forth from your computer speakers. But be careful, possums. The whole thing is so sweet, it might well send you into a diabetic coma.


Anonymous said...

Sam just wanted to level the playing field. Contrary to popular belief, Sam is not a bully. He sides with the underdog. He knew that Marcel was the inferior chef and in over his head. That's why he picked Marcel. Ilan was obviously the stronger chef with the culinary edge. It would be no contest. Sam wanted to see a fair fight. He took pity on the little guy.

And Sam really saved Marcel's ass. He created the sea beans dish that all the judges loved. Without Sam's contribution, Marcel would have nothing but his stupid-ass salad.

Sam is the REAL Top Chef. Not Marcel. That goes without saying...

Anonymous said...

I don't need to listen to the interview, because as you note, he's not only hot and humble and kind and sides with the underdog (oh! oh!) but did you see the picture posted above? He even loves dogs, too! OLD dogs!

Oh, Sam... squeeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

sam not a bully? *insert biggest eye rolling emoticon in the world here*

Anonymous said...

Oh, please! This is such bullshit. Sam is THAT GUY - the one covering his smarmy ass. Sam is a snake.... SSSSSSSsssss... spin control.

I saw Marcel on Rosie Show. He was shocked when he watched the program and saw Sam taking full credit for the sea beans. Sam is a liar. He sabotaged Marcel with the judges. He made himself look better at Marcel's expense through deceit and trickery.

Sam said they didn't know the big picture? Leaving aside the fact that Marcel sat down with them and told them all the dishes, in one of the bonus videos we see him making:

1. A list of tasks for each person
2. A list of all the dishes and every componant of each dish
3. A diagram of how each plate for each dish should look.

Everyone got a copy of the list. How much more a "big picture" do they need?

Sam and Mike screwed Marcel and lost the game for him.

Anonymous said...

He is such a louse!!!

kbryna said...

that interview is
1) morning-talk-radio appalling (the "interviewers" can't shut up)

2) totally unrevealing of anything

3) sam being rather very full of himself.

plus evidently his lalalina girlfriend is still la-la-ing around.

Anonymous said...

like i stated on another blog, sam is getting on my nerves! he still complaining that marcel should have never made it to the finale and he should have. blah...blah...blah. grow up. it's done and over. time to move on.

Melanie said...

So Sam is still claiming he was fully responsible for creating the third course heart of palms dish (in radio interview) and Marcel says that all the ingredients used in the dish were in his original plan (just the fish was missing) and that Sam suggested the sea bean sauce. (Here's an excerpt from a very recent interview published in Marcel's family's hometown paper:
Don’t ask him to invite his fellow contestants over for dinner, either — such as fellow contestant Sam Talbot, who was eliminated earlier in the season and came back for the final episode to assist Vigneron.

"I was watching the episode last night and (Sam) was kind of like, ‘Yeah that’s my idea, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s so outlandish,’" Vigneron said. "He recommended making a sauce out of sea beans."

For the link and to read the full copy of the article, go to:
Based on observation and knowing that Sam has lied on more than one occasion and has shown animosity toward Marcel in the past, I would place my faith in Marcel's word.