Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Deriven to Distraction: Another Casey Thompson Highlight?

That's the question we had, possums, when we happened upon Robert Wilonsky's blog for The Dallas Observer, specifically an entry entitled, "Casey's Recipe: Season with Teardrops."

Wilonsky expressed his displeasure with Casey for blowing the Latin Lunch challenge and with Tre Wilcox for doing the same with the barbecue challenge: "They live in Dallas, sure, but do they ever eat here?"

But Wilonsky reserved the majority of his snarking for Casey's lachrymose tendencies:

But what wasn't surprising was that once more, Casey made Lia's exit all about Casey. As she did last week, she turned someone else's misery into her own camera time. Instead of letting Lia tell the rest of the so-called cheftestants she'd been trimmed and discarded, Casey walked ahead of her: "The very talented and inspiring chef Lia is going home," she uttered between teardrops, and, as the missus pointed out, "Casey always makes it all about Casey." Because, yeah, while the sentiment was nice and all, all the other chefs get to say their own goodbyes without the need for a stand-in.

So imagine our curiosity when we saw the following comment left on Wilonsky's blog:

"Casey Thompson says:
You seem to know the whole situation! I didn't know that such pertinent information could be deriven from tears! Wow.
Posted at:
July 21, 2007 11:53 AM"

Is that the real Casey? Was she joking? Was she being sarcastic? What derove her to it? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.


jullesdelight said...

Let's see....she failed Geography 101 AND English 101? Must'a been all the drill team pratice y'all.

frogboots said...

can i just say, again, that the quill that pens Amuse-Biatch is the sharpest, smartest, cleverest, wittiest, best EVER!

(you're not Lee Edelman in your spare time, are you????)

Anonymous said...

Lee Edelman wouldn't watch _Top Chef_. (But maybe _Project Runway_.)

Ms. Place said...

Oh, you snarky darlings. Casey, if that was indeed our cheftestant, chose not to follow the advice of the all stars: Don't read the blogs. Sweet thing just couldn't help herself.

ArtfulSub said...

The comment directly after "Casey Thompson" came from "Sting" and was rather amusingly bitchy.

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