Friday, July 27, 2007

When It Comes to Highlights, Amuse Biatch Is More Goofus Than Gallant

Update--Here's an explanation from a commenter:

"I'm assuming the reference to Casey's bad highlights has to do with the fact that only the top and face-framing side’s [sic] of her hair are highlighted. Any good stylist (I consider myself one) would ask a client requesting highlights if they pull their hair back. If the answer is yes, highlights would be applied to the sides, and undersides near the back of the neck. This way, when the hair is pulled into a ponytail, you will continue to see the highlights. Not the light strip of streaks on top (known as skunk strip) Casey sports on the show. Hello, hair coloring 101."


Ms. Place said...
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Ms. Place said...

Dayum, me and my effin spelling. Here's what I meant to say:

Dahlings, if I want to look prematurely gray with unnatural streaks in my hair, I'll let mother nature do it. What's with these so called highlights? Squeeze some lemon in your hair, sit out in the sun, and voila! Sun kissed hair.

Sol does not work miracles underneath one's tresses, BTW. I saved those magical machinations for Gus, my former hetero 5'4" Lebanese hairdresser. (I kid you not.) However, he made the fatal sin (with one unfortunate cut) of making me look like an uptight virginal German lady, and I gave him Das Boot (or Dutch wooden shoe if you will). Yes, Ms. Place can be mean and disloyal. Will you still love me regardless?