Friday, August 24, 2007

Spoiler Alert (?): Is Tom Colicchio a Bad News Bear?

Well, bad news for some, and good news for others, possums.

Those of you who want to be preserved from fevered, tinfoil-hatted speculation, please stop reading now, etc., etc., etc. The rest of you, possums, come on down and let's wildly, if intelligently, speculate.

Cast your minds back, possums, to the time when Tom Colicchio was in Los Angeles opening the latest iteration of his signature restaurant, Craft. It was then that he told our pal Lesley at Eater LA (herself no stranger to Top Chef spoilers) that he would be in L.A. "until we tape the final show. The reveal is live, we taped everything up until that. We haven't told them who won yet."

And then came the news a couple of weeks ago that a finale or semi-final was being taped in Aspen (though our speculation about Tre Wilcox's involvement in that proved fallacious, so take today's speculation with an even bigger dose of fleur de sel).

And now comes this.

Faithful Amuse-Biatch reader Stephanie M. was watching this week's web broadcast of Raggaydy Andy-hosted "Watch What Happens" when she watched something happen. Raggaydy Andy, as is his wont, had the guests playing a word association game, and when it came to cheftestant Hung Huynh, Tom Colicchio declined to say anything. Why? Well, as Tom said, "I'm still judging him." (If you want to see for yourself, go to the Bravo website and check the "Watch What Happens" archives. It comes at the 2:32 mark on Part 4).

To us, it suggests that Hung is one of the final two, and that since the final decision, to be revealed live, hasn't perhaps been made, Tom, out of an abundance of caution and conscience, decided to bite his tongue. Of course, the idea of Hung being one of the final two isn't really much of a surprise, is it? So this isn't really much of a spoiler. But given what just happened to front runner Tre, one never knows. If what we speculate is true, more interesting is the question of who the other finalist is. We'd hate for it to be Asshat (though he hasn't worn hats in a couple of episodes); we'd pray for Hung to chop his seafood sausage off. We hope, of course, that it's Dale: Knife-Fight at the "OK, Are You Really Bi?" Corral.

So, possums, put on your tinfoil hats and let us know what you think.


Rebecca said...

It could be Sara--she was really (surprisingly) in control this last episode.

egyptchick7 said... do we know it is a final two rather than a final four like it was last time in Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

Charlus, Charlus... the reason I keep coming back to Amuse Biatch is because you're such an observant sleuth. Like me. And we all love people who are akin. Like watching a moment on a DVD catching something no one else notices.

It's the little things, isn't it.

: )

george said...

nice observation. glad that hung will likely be there in the end. now that tre is gone, i'm hoping for dale or sara.

on a different note, one thing i kept noticing in this week's episode was how when giving congratulatory hugs to the rest of the team, dale and hung always held each other warmly and tightly. hung's hugs with howie on the other hand were all awkward angles, arms and half hearted. was it lack of respect or fear of being sweated on? will we ever know?

Anonymous said...

if your observation is true, then we know it's not howie because tom's word for him was sweat.

Anonymous said...

I met Micah, with child in tow, at a supermarket in Boca Raton a few weeks ago. She complained that the producers made it very difficult for everyone (not allowing outside contact, no TV, no radio)and then proceeded to tell me that she "knows who the final FOUR are" and was invited to the taping of the reveal. I didnt ask her who it was. I wasnt going to give her smug little butt the satisfaction. And why ruin it....

Take that for what its worth....

Melanie said...

Even though the finale begins with a final four, it soon comes down to two final competitors, who will each prepare their dinners for judging. If filming of the finale is complete, including the last dinner preparations, except for the judging and announcement of who the winner is, then by this time, Tom would know who the final two chefs in the competition are, and it seems, let it slip who one of those two are. Good catch, A-B!

Geisha said...

the final is two episdoes so technically its final four. However, in S1 it was final three...three of them went to LV. In S2, four of them went to HI.
Nice observation on Tom's comment about Hung. Its easy to forget that all of it was taped a while ago.