Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Alien v. Predator" Finally Has a Worthy Sequel: Spice Rack to Take On the Jowly Green Giant

That's the scoop that our pal Lesley of Eater LA brings us. On Sunday, October 14, in Los Angeles, California, Betty "Spice Rack" Fraser will go funbags to (smaller) funbag with CJ "Jowly Green Giant" Jacobson in a cook-off.

CJ, possum, you'd best be careful. You may have survived Arianna Huffington, but Spice Rack is a real ball-buster, a giant-killer.

"Hell, she's a man-eater," Miss XaXa concurred. "Just look at that picture. It looks like she's eating CJ's remaining..."

"Now, now," we hastened to interject. And with good reason, for Lesley has another scoop up her sleeve (she could work at Baskin-Robbins). But don't click unless you want to view an extremely plausible spoiler alert about the finale.

For those of you who don't care, go fish.


Anonymous said...

Betty so gets on my nerves.

Ms. Place said...

Unlike most folks, I liked Betty. Brash, funny, self-made, and unafraid. Girlfriend had balls.

Anonymous said...

Well, the possible spoiler isn't a spoiler anymore - it was disproved on tonight's episode.

As for Betty - blech! I'm glad ms. place liked her - everyone needs to be liked by someone, right? But in this case, it just ain't gonna be me - haha