Friday, September 07, 2007

Is Member of the First Wives' Club Not Speaking to Member of the Fourth Wives' Club?

That, possums, is the question being pondered by The Fug Girls at New York Fashion Week after seeing Padma Lakshmi (Salman Rushdie's fourth wife) and Ivana Trump (Donald Trump's first) sitting cheek (Ivana) by non-existent jowl (Padma) in the front row of a fashion show, where "they never seemed to speak or exchange a glance."

Ironically, given the women's respective marital woes, the fashion show was a presentation of wedding queen Vera Wang's latest collection.

Update: Apparently, Padma has just been named by Us Weekly to its list of Best-Dressed New Yorkers. Unsurprisingly, Ivana is not on the list (doesn't it look, possums, as if her head had been PhotoShopped onto her body?). Surprisingly, Katie Lee Joel is on the list.


Anonymous said...


Maybe Us Weekly hasn't seen the Michael vest.

charmingdinnerguest said...

Padma being listed as best-dressed by a magazine reminds us all of how literally meaningless these public accolades are.

hughman said...

tim gunn was on the list too. a Bravo trifecta. i bet Raggedy Andy is crying in his Pratessi sheets for not making the list.

Miss XaXa said...

Ohmigawd, this is US Weekly handing out the accolades y'all!

The US Weekly (online) headline:
Eve’s Ankle Monitor is Off!
Will she have a drink today?
“You know I am!”

Ms. Place said...

Proof positive that having money doesn't necessarily translate into having good taste. Tim Gunn needs to come to the rescue of both these women.