Friday, September 07, 2007

Is Padma Lakshmi Looking for a Member of the Second Husbands' Club?

Possums, not being Miami "fashionistas" (or whatever) or Bravo insiders, we have no bloomin' idea who this man with Padma Lakshmi is. Or, as Miss XaXa put it, "Who the hell is that guy and where the hell is Padma's hand?"

We, being more demure, wondered more about the placement of his hand. And oh Padma's smile....

"She's probably thinking of seafood sausage, the one CJ made," we suggested. "Or the one she just found," Miss XaXa snorted in reply.

We remembered items in the gossip columns linking Padma to billionaire Ted Forstmann, but Forstmann doesn't look like that (maybe 30 years ago). Could it be his son? Or maybe he has the mother of all plastic surgeons.

At any rate, possums, if you know who the mystery blond is, do let us know, please.

Leave a little comment or drop us a little line. You know where to go. It'll probably turn out to be a perfectly innocent photo with some Bravo producer, but we'd still like to know.

Actually, there was another picture from the three-hour cruise that particularly intrigued us. Ignoring our chaste allusions to photographs by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Miss XaXa spoke her mind: "Padma puts on MFMalarkey's pants and look what happens."


Anonymous said...

Enquiring minds need to know: Who is it in the last pic that has excited Padma so much that she must blatantly diddle herself...Tom, or Lee Anne?!

Anonymous said...

Nice cameltoe on Padma, also.

Anonymous said...

the aggression in her stance really underscores her recent judging table ow