Friday, September 07, 2007

Is Member of the Third Wives' Club Katie Lee Joel Telling a White Lie After Labor Day?

Possums, remember the hubbub over Katie Lee Joel, Billy Joel's third wife and Tom Colicchio's first tv "wife" (which, come to think of it, makes Katie Lee a member of the First Wives' Club as well, after getting dumped for Padma Lakshmi), getting turned away from Sean Combs' White Party for wearing cream instead of white?

Well, now she's telling The New York Daily News that it wasn't quite so:

"I was only dropping off house guests before I went out to dinner! They denied me from a party I wasn't even going to. This whole thing has gotten blown way out of proportion."

Ah yes, the Groucho Marx defense. Naturally, we believe her. Miss XaXa, on the other hand, asked, "What did they serve at that dinner she went to? Sour grapes?"

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rob said...

Katie Lee says, "This whole thing has gotten blown way out of proportion." But when, in the Hamptons, did proportion have anything to do with it? The Manichean question is simple: did it get blown?