Monday, September 03, 2007

Vagaries of Cruel Fête: After Being Ousted from "Top Chef," Katie Lee Joel Uncovers Further Evidence That Cream Does Not Rise to the Top

Following her exit as Top Chef hostess after the first season, we had heard nary a peep about Mrs. Piano Man, Katie Lee Joel. Her role as wooden-faced child bride was taken by another.

We speak, of course, of Katie Holmes.

But now comes word of Mrs. Joel, and it ain't so good.

Oh possums, Sean Combs huffed and Puff'd and blew down her house of cards. According to TMZ, Puff Daddy threw her out of his party for not being sufficiently white. As Miss XaXa put it, "Oh no, he Diddy'nt!"

Well, he did. In all fairness, though, this reverse discrimination came at Puffy's annual White Party (not to be confused with the one in Palm Springs, although, given what happened to Mrs. Joel, one does wonder), when Katie Lee showed up wearing cream, not white.

Mrs. Joel was requested to "change her outfit in order to attend the fete," but she hightailed it home instead. As those sibylline fonts of wisdom from Bananarama put, it's a cruel, cruel summer indeed, leaving her there on her own.


hughman said...

would she have confused cream with an egg white?

eh... probably. hence her being dethroned by padama.

charmingdinnerguest said...

I Googled pictures of previous years' White Party events and saw many revelers with off-white and cream colored gowns.
I don't see why the gate-guard turned her away. It was probably due to some power-mad lackey's overzealousness.

Ms. Place said...

Billy Joel's wooden faced child bride always did dress better than Padma. She should take pride in that.