Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Presents Crouching Possum, Hidden "Dragon"

Though inapposite to what we're about to discuss, we've always loved that Biblical phrase about the lilies of the field. (Alas we must both toil and spin.) But what we especially love are the possums of the field, those hardy critters, the Amuse-Biatch readers who go out and git 'er done, then bring the toothsome morsels back to Possum Central.

One such possum is Amuse-Biatch reader J.D., a fellow blogger who, becoming the second denizen of Massachusetts to come through for us, sent us the following missive:
Great info on Hung and his past. Who knew he was from the Berkshires? That's where I'm from! I was shocked since our sleepy little community doesn't get a whole lot of press. Since I was home visiting the family this past weekend I thought it'd be a good idea to check out Hung's mom's place (he he). I am sad to report it was closed when I arrived, it opens at 4pm and I was there at 2pm. The restaurant is about 40 minutes from my house so we bagged it and called it a day. Not before taking pictures though. Thought you might like to see the place.

PS. Distraught over not being able to eat the "grilled duck breast" that sounded so delicious on their yellow pages menu, I seem to have forgone the traditional wide establishing shot of the restaurant to give you some context. It's a small place on the side of a wide road. There isn't a whole lot around, it's kind of out of the way. I did get some shots of newspaper articles hung on the inner walls. None of which, I noticed, were related to their son's run on national television. Also, being a small town, it would make sense that someone knew that the son of this local staple was about to potentially win a major reality TV competition. No one in my family was aware he was from the area, which means the local papers haven't been covering it at all. Seems weird. Enjoy the pictures.

And so you should, possums. Enjoy the fruits of J.D.'s toiling below, and click to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

How fun to have these pictures! I love Vietnamese food and have been a secret fan of Hung's wonderful energetic nerdiness, and I can't tell you how much I want to eat at Hung's mother's (or maybe really family's) restaurant. I like Casey and Dale both, but really...Go Hung!

JD said...

I want to stress that the menu I saw for the restaurant was replete with actual entrées (that all sounded delicious) and was not just another red-letter-menu that you find in the Asian restaurants on Any Street USA.

I'll definitely eat there the next time I'm home and hopefully get to chat with the owners a bit. I'll at least take pictures of the food.

rooroob said...

I knew! I knew!!

I went there to eat some years ago before a friend's wedding.

And the food? Awesome.

Anonymous said...

We used to vacation at a friend's summer house in the Berkshires, and Kim's Dragon was ALWAYS the place at which we ate on our first night (and usually last night as well). The food was f****** fantastic, and I still talk about it. Best Vietnamese I've ever eaten!