Monday, October 01, 2007

Captain Sound Bite Breaks the Fart Barrier, All Hell Breaks Loose

Well, possums, we are awash in Dale Levitski interviews this morning, but this one, with The Village Voice, may well take the cake.

We start with the news that Dale may have indeed changed hags in midstream:

"Casey [Thompson] is a 'friend for life, the ultimate class act,' and...a 'spit-fire and a bad-ass.' Apparently the two of them got real giddy during the taping of the final episode, when all the pressure induced a case of the giggles. 'We broke the fart barrier,' Dale [said]. 'And then all hell broke loose.'"

Well, possums, perhaps the less we say about that, the better, though we should note that the incident comes as no surprise to us, given that Dale has no fewer than two videos on his MySpace page showing guys setting their own flatulence on fire.

On his blog, Gay Uncle Edward Allen worried about Dale's poor mother ("Dale, does your mother need the Brokeback Mountain visual of you sleeping with 'a few' cowboys? And how many is 'a few?' Bad gay chef!").

We are therefore pleased to report that Uncle Ted need not have worried. As Dale says, "I've become, like, Captain Sound-byte. I keep saying things and then I'm like, oh God, I hope my mom doesn't hear that. But we're kindred spirits. She always says 'You were an asshole the day you were born, and you're an asshole now.'"

And here we thought the Sharon Gless character from Queer As Folk was just fiction. Mother Dale, who also gave him the plane ticket to audition for Top Chef in L.A., sounds like just the sort of mother any gay boy would be proud to have.

The interview does end with an intriguing tidbit: "Dale says he wishes it was his job to be on Top Chef every season...." Given the rumors of his role on Season 4, he may well get his wish.


The Big Shamu said...

I have a theory about the candle lighting video that it's a response to making the candles in Restaurant Wars smell.....different. Take that Mr. Angry Monkey.

Anonymous said...

What rumors about his role on season 4? Am I bad, behind-in-my-reading reader?

Charlus said...

There are rumors that he has been hired to work for Season 4 in some capacity, though the parameters are as yet unclear. We're hoping he's there to offer color commentary, but perhaps he might be doing other behind-the-scenes work, such as Ms. Wong does, or maybe it means he'll be blogging and cooking winning recipes, the way Carlos Fernandez did this season. Anyway, possum, don't blame yourself; it's been a long, hard slog this season.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he contracted to do an e-cast for each episode?

I think it's a little suspicious for one of the three finalists to be hired by the producers of the show before the winner is even announced.

Anonymous said...

I hope he's not going to be a stylist.

Anonymous said...

I would L O V E to have Dale in front of the camera, on TC next season. He's had the best commentary of all four seasons.

velocibadgergirl said...

Fart videos or no, I still love Dale the best.