Thursday, December 18, 2008

Amuse-Biatch Über-Homosexual Thursday: New Scallopgate Gets the Hung Jury It Deserves (So Sayeth Nathan Lane)


Miss XaXa said...!

Sheer perfection!

Buzz Kill said...

I'm getting .... all dizzy....from the

Anonymous said...

Not bad for the non-gays out here either!

hughman said...

it's hard to believe Bravo has produced yet another show to compete with the banality of last season's Project Runway. i guess scallops are the new "neon" vieing for a place as dated, over worked fad of the moment.

that said, j'adore Hosea. so cute and carries well the burden of being a stereotypical gay bear and having such a bizarre name.

i also admit i'm loving all the women this time, especially the cougar lady. even the stereotypical "evil lesbian" doesn't bother me so much.

btw, do not underestimate Natasha Richardson. i saw her on broadway in Cabaret and she was FIERCE. also she's married to the notoriously well-endowed Liam. good for her.

Anonymous said...

God will forgive Mr. Cheyenne Jackson. God forgave me.

But first, he has to understand that what he does with his sexuality is wrong.

Christ is the answer.