Friday, December 19, 2008

Fauxhawked amfAR TwinkleGay: Fabio Viviani Will Flirt with Anything That Moves; Stefan Richter, However, Appears to Have a “No Fats or Fems” Policy

We find it hard to believe, possums, that we had to wait until the season’s sixth episode of Top Chef before we saw a fauxhawk.

It came courtesy of amfAR employee Barry Brown, whose post on the Natasha Richardson-hosted reception we were delighted to find.

The post served only to augment our distrust of the Bravo editors, for—what do you know?—Barry, like Cheyenne Jackson, is another gay who doesn’t, um, like seafood (duh), but who nonetheless liked Jamie Lauren’s scallop dish. It’s a conspiracy, we tell ya. F’agcuse!

Most interesting of all, Barry had these tidbits to share:

“…Fabio's real talent lies in schmoozing people. He likes to flirt...[sic] with boys and girls. And that's probably how he does well in life. The food? Merely adequate.”

Oh possum, even E.M. Forster could have told you that.

Stefan’s chicken pot pie was a “[v]ery creative use of his inspiration. Too bad he didn't seem like he wanted to talk to me at all when I was tasting his dish. I obviously wasn't important enough. It just turned me off. His food was good. But again, it was nothing special. I could have made that at home and it would have been just as good.”


We must say that we’re a little surprised. After all, we have the photo of Stefan kissing Danny Gagnon, who’s both a fat and a “phlegm.”

So, what’s the lesson to be learned, possums? Never piss off a gay in a red velvet jacket (especially Santa).


Anonymous said...

Between the edit of Cheyenne, and this blog entry, I'm starting to, for once, believe a cheftesant's 'explanation' that the judges got a plate that had been out too long. (plus, how long does it take from them getting plates to back to the table and set up for taping reactions?)

Either way, I really wish we could have gotten a real, official count of the ribbons each chef got.
Big surprise that PrettyBoy got so much attention at the event?

Anonymous said...

official count:

jeff about 45
josea about 60
steffen about 40
rest very very little