Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In Honor of Team Rainbow, “Prop. 8 – The Musical”

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UPDATE...Christian group to "rotund" Jack Black: Jesus Wasn't Fat!!


A person with open eyes said...

Separation from church and state was so the politicians couldn't dictate to the churches/religion which is now starting to happen. I feel this video was uncalled for and a mockery of both the gay community, people of all religions, and of true freedom of speech. If we are all going to continue to get 'butt hurt' over someone else's beliefs than something is wrong with us. We went from racism to now a social problem. What's the difference? Nothing really as both are still apart of segregation and finding a reason to not get along with each other. Both cause problems and we don't get along with one another. Who needs terrorists when we as people in all countries are fighting socially and can't get along. We are making them happy as we are killing each other one way or another by doing this to each other. Everyone could just grow up and get along, allow everyone to live peacefully, and stop getting emotional over petty stuff when we have REAL issues like world leaders causing the world to go into recession and starving people who are eating dirt so they don't have to go hungry. We need to get our priorities straight as it is better to fight against AIDS World Hunger, and all the REAL problems instead of badgering each other because we don't have the same beliefs. We cry for change but in reality we are repeating history and sometimes making it worse in the process.

Anonymous said...

Showing disrespect for other people's religion is not going to win anyone's support.


Regarding this video, if gays believe that there should be a separation of church and state why do they want to be involved in a sacrament, which is a religous, sacramental union?

The protest should then be aimed against churches, asking the churches to change their tenets.

The state supports domestic unions which are the legal equivalent of marriage, but the state can't give anyone a sacrament.

TROLL said...

It was a pretty amusing video but perhaps a clarification is needed on the Homosexuality versus Shrimp Cocktails issue. And on the Church/State Separation fallacy.

The OT LAW consisted of 4 parts:

1) Separateness
2) Civil
3) Ceremonial
4) Moral

Christians need not follow 1-3. Refraining from eating Shrimp falls into category 1 while homosexuality falls into 4.
The Book of ACTS delves into this in considerable detail as do several passages in Paul's letters.

There are a handful of Christian Theologians who believe that homosexuality was in the Separateness or Civil categories of OT Law, however.

Anonymous said...

Holy cats!

This is "amuse" biatch not "let's get all serious and debate world issues" biatch. The video was cute, I don't think it was intended to change anyone beliefs or opinion. Liten up.

brian said...

Why is Obama a hero to gays when he has stated over and over that he is against gay marriage?

Big Shamu said...

Love the update on What Jesus Weighed. Notice how they didn't correct Jesus's whiteness.