Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Audacity of Hootie: “Don’t Blame Casey”

Miss Carla told a reporter from the Huntington, West Virginia, Herald-Dispatch:

"I would love to give [Casey Thompson] a call to see how she’s taking all of this. I hate for her to get the brunt of it. If I could get on a loudspeaker and tell the whole world and everyone who watches the show, I would tell them, ‘Don’t blame Casey.’ I take full responsibility.”

Mature and classy to the very end. Hootie Nation expects nothing less of her.


Anonymous said...

Clearly Casey doesn't have the same class:

Bob said...

Casey ain't so nice.
Hootie Hoo is love, baby!

sage said...

Hooty Hoo! for the win!

The lady can not lose. :-)

Rob said...

Hootie's loss simply demonstrates that BS about "cooking with love" gets you only so far. She was in way over her head; the miracle is that she made it to the final three.

Anonymous said...

she is such a sweet person, love her !!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet heart Carla is.
More than i can say for that whore Casey.
Her tits seemed to have bashed her brains out a while ago.
Casey hatred will be big forever.

MCWolfe said...

Carla is a big hearted person who has integrity. Casey is a skank who has now lost Top Chef twice. The outcome of this season is a joke and has me wondering if I'll even watch next time out.

Anonymous said...

I want to eat at Carla's restaurant.
Casey's not so much.