Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Seeing How the Sausage Is Made

And there’s a lot of gristle in that sausage, possums, if the above is any indication. We came upon that on Television Without Pity, where poster SisterOfSylar said the tidbits came from a friend with access to inside information.

We have, of course, no way of knowing whether any of these tidbits are true, but if they are, they help to make sense of other events.

For example, during many of his post-win interviews, Hosea Rosenberg oddly discusses how demoralized he was after his make-out session with Leah Cohen, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. Earlier, we theorized that remorse on the part of Leah and Hosea was not necessarily the result of their consciences needling them, but, rather, “a product of discovery, a realization that their encounter would be televised, and would have consequences.” And if Il Colicchio did indeed have to do a finger-wagging chat with the two lovebirds, it makes this theory of ours all the more plausible. And it’s easy the stress from a fruitless attempt to convince editors not to show the make-out footage.

In any case, very interesting, possums, very.

(Click on the picture to enlarge it and read the details of Scott Conant-Fabio-Colicchio Italian-offs, Colicchio-sick-making food, and avuncular ursine scoldings.)


sage said...

"if Il Colicchio did indeed have to do a finger-wagging chat with the two ... "

Someone needs to find that tape! heeee! :p

Anonymous said...

A little inside info of your own. My inside source tells me that Tom was rarely seen without a gin and tonic somewhere nearby during most of the 6 weeks of initial shooting. Not a criticism, per se, but rather an indicaton of his general look of detachment/disinterest this season. The impression was that he was getting bored with the whole thing.
As for the girls, my source says Gail is the real deal and looks good all the time, while Padma requires a LOT of maintenance. Plus, she smokes like a stove the instant the camera stops. Smokes what, my source would not say.

Thanks for your great coverage this year!

P.S. You're fan-favorite curse is in full effect. I don't think it's Hootie Hoo.

JordanBaker said...

I'm curious as to why Tom had to give them a stern talking to at all, when Hosea's faux-pology insists they didn't do anything "wrong" in terms of the show.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "talking to" means getting them to do more of it so they can film it and air it and improve ratings.

Anonymous said...

Well, you guys made the reunion special with your Fan Favorite endorsement. I hope you get royalties.

Full disclosures: I split my votes between my favorite chef (Fabio) and my favorite person (Carla) on your endorsement. I'm happy even if everyone else isn't.

Anonymous said...

Padma AND Tom do seem to be phoning it in. I can understand. UGH, more amazing food. More excellent wine. Celebrity filled galas. I would much rather be here on my couch budgeting my $247.00 per week unemployment checks, steaming broccoli to "healthify" my 2-4-1 mac'n cheese. I totally agree with them.

I don't sound bitter do I? Can we do some sort of a foodie bailout where they quickfreeze the leftovers and fedex them to a deserving but unemployed foodie? Please? Anyone?