Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Betty "Spice Rack" Fraser Now Certifiably a Whore

Back in December, we quoted from a profile of Betty "Spice Rack" Fraser in the LA Independent, in which Spice Rack discussed her acting career before becoming a chef, including her stint as "a 'hooker with a heart of gold' on the 1980s television 'Wolf.'" Curious about Spice Rack's role on Wolf, we turned to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMBD) and other similar websites, but found no record of her Wolf gig.

Now, let's be clear about something. Contrary to what some readers seemed to believe, we never insinuated that Spice Rack was lying about the gig. The fact that her role on Wolf didn't appear on IMDB was not conclusive; just because a tree doesn't make a sound on IMDB doesn't mean it never fell. As we were reminded, IMDB is notoriously spotty, and Wolf wasn't exactly a top-caliber show attracting careful scholars and archivists.

However, we just received news from a reader that IMDB has woken up to its spottiness, and now Spice Rack is recognized for her role as "A Prostitute" on Wolf. Mind you, IMDB misspells her name as
Betty Frasier, and lists the Wolf gig as "Frasier"'s only credit, but it's the thought that counts. As Betty Fraser, Spice Rack has two credits, for playing herself on one episode of Top Chef (which rather begs the question, Just what was she playing the rest of the time?), and for playing "Chef" on Holiday Home Invasion in 2005. Does anyone know anything about this?

But for all of you who wondered, the matter is now, er, laid to rest. According to IMDB, Spice Rack, who is scheduled to return in tonight's finale, was, indeed, a whore.


Anonymous said...

I saw Betty on an episode of Holiday Home Invasion that aired in December 2006 (perhaps a rerun of the 2005 episode?). In the show, a group redecorates a home for the Holidays while the homeowners are on vacation. Betty was the assistant to a female chef who the show described as a gingerbread house expert. Their job was to bake a gingerbread house and lots of cookies. Betty's main contributions seemed to be: holding up the walls of the gingerbread house while the "mortar" dried, and finding the homeowner's store-bought cookie dough in the fridge (which Betty successfully baked into cookies). Perhaps foreshadowing her later troubles with the Kenmore Pro equipment on Top Chef, Betty had difficulty operating the oven in the home's kitchen, eventually calling up the vacationing homeowners to ask them how to get the oven working.

Anonymous said...

It seems Spice Rack and her clearly masochistic Bidness Partner Yvonne DiCarlo were both on this episode of Home Invasion.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys have ANY idea how negative, mean-spirited and hurtful this post is?

I won't be coming back.

You hide behind your blogging on the free Blogger software, with no pictures of who you are or why you are so qualified to write about this crap. Where is your place of authority?

This is the biggest issue with blogging, and gives others a bad rap: your vile writing gets worse and worse and creates a community that isn't inclusive. It pushes people away and who's left becomes this die-hard angry group of readers who keep wanting you to top yourself.

How are these kinds of posts contributing to a healthful society?

Your mothers should be ashamed of you!

TeacupKitten said...

I agree with Anon 4:30. I used to enjoy reading all of the funny, and clever, posts on TC2blogger and this blog, but it appears that the haters have moved over from that aweful TWoP and it is no longer enjoyable to visit.

Ms. Place (Dishin' Dat - is the only one left with any class.

These haters are doing what they acuse the cheftestants of Top Chef 2 of doing - ganging together to pick on one person - but of course now they are also picking on Sam, Elia, Ilan, et al.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, if all of the chefs felt the same way about Marcel, that there is something to the accusations of cheating and over-the-top arrogance? I mean listen to his exit interview.

Come on Charlus - don't go for the hater ratings, get back to your funny, clever origins. Please?

jullesdelight said...

teacupkitten, how nice of you to leave the link to your site! Interesting site! And who would have known that Spice Rack is YOUR SISTER!?!
Charlus never said she was whore, read the post. She played one of TV..........I'm willing to bet the farm that you are the masked blogger behind the Anon 4:30 comment!?!

TeacupKitten said...

No, I don't post anonymously. I'm not hiding the fact that Betty is my sister, but it's nice that those of us who have quietly sat back while others have trashed our friends, family, and favorite chefs are speaking up.

We just need to remember that this is a TV show and Bravo will show the most sensationalist clips. That's how they got such high ratings! Kudos to them.

I watched the show - fresh. I had no idea what was going to happen, and I really enjoyed the show. It was good Reality TV.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said Teacup. The "authors" of this site are perfect representations of the little kids who got picked on who grow up with chips on their shoulders, lashing out at anyone more skilled, successful or recognizable than they are.

My assumption is that after being rejected by legitimate media sources, they instead chose the anonymity of a blog to spit their venom. And such arrogance!

At least we can rest easier knowing their audience is so small to render their diatribes harmless. Except of course to those they are harming with their words. No matter how thick a person's skin is, no one likes to feel hated. Although something tells me these insignificant "writers" would rather by hated than ignored.

Well no more hate for's time to ignore. Maybe they'll go away and leave the writing to real professionals.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:43 is Ilan's mama