Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Shakespearean Monologue About Frozen Scallops and Free Will, Machiavellian Trickster Spike Mendelsohn Decries Bravo’s “Trickery at Its Best”

As apparently free of irony as he was of hats in this interview, Spike—who, if you will remember, engaged in trickery during the block-party and boxed-lunch challenges—railed against (presumably) the show’s producers for providing frozen scallops, calling the move “trickery at its best.” Yes, possums, we also wondered whether he ducked to avoid the lightning bolt coming his way after that statement. Is it any wonder that Anthony Bourdain predicts a bright future in politics for Spike?

Perhaps the most interesting statement of all (alas, sadly clipped by Bravo) was this tidbit about Lisa Fernandes: “You know, she came for a job at my restaurant [Mai House] two days before we flew over here [to film the show], ironically.”

Ah, there; he’s recovered his sense of irony. Is the irony sharpened, we wondered, by the rumor that Spike was fired from Mai House and replaced by none other than Lisa Fernandes?


hughman said...

so i'm confused.

first he bitches about the frozen scallops then at the end of this clip he says he "found frozen scallops and there's lots of things you can do with frozen scallops"

so he knew they were frozen all along? and why didn't he do any of the "lots of things"?

what a soggy shellfish he is.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that stinks worse than bad shellfish is Lisa's lying clam. If she lined up this job many months ago before taping, why was she submitting resumes to hot East Village restaurants a month or so ago?

Anonymous said...

What an asshat. Sack up and admit you fucked up and picked the frozen scallops. Blaming everyone else is the best trait you showed during Top Chef.

Anonymous said...

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